Kaleidoscopic (at Rupert Towers)

I am thankful for this cuteness 🙏❤️ (at Moonit HQ)

today is light! 10 more days to go! (at Ruppert-Yorkville Towers)

you cannot avoid the rain, then stand and listen to city! 🌃 (at Grand Central Terminal)

a matter of life and art! ❤️

(at Cafe Jax)

Eclair ❤️ (at Rupert Towers)

"The garden of the world has no limits
Except in your mind.
Its presence is more beautiful than the stars
With more clarity
Than the polished mirror of your heart.” Rumi

at Anthropologie

Good Morning (at Rupert Towers)

Çok hüzünlü lamba! (at Rupert Towers)

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