My volunteer job’s view is better! 👊 (at Chrysler Building)

This is my #workspace (at Moonit HQ)

Ramazan bittigine gore sahalara donme zamani geldi!!! (at Central Park, New York)

This is what summer really is! 🌾☀️🌊

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. 🌾 (at Rupert Towers)

My shopping cart is never empty! So does my wallet! 😂😁😳 (at 5th Avenue, New York)

Kaleidoscopic (at Rupert Towers)

I am thankful for this cuteness 🙏❤️ (at Moonit HQ)

today is light! 10 more days to go! (at Ruppert-Yorkville Towers)

you cannot avoid the rain, then stand and listen to city! 🌃 (at Grand Central Terminal)

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